Covers • Reprises

Here are the covers Yoghill has recorded :

With you there to help me (Ian Anderson) • Jethro Tull
Nothing is easy (Ian Anderson) • Jethro Tull
Driving song (Ian Anderson) • Jethro Tull
Jóga (Björk/Sjón) • Björk
Sea song (Robert Wyatt) • Robert Wyatt
That’s how much I need you now (Robert Wyatt) • Soft Machine
Rain song (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant) • Led Zeppelin
Harry’s house (Joni Mitchell) • Joni Mitchell
Refuge of the roads (Joni Mitchell) • Joni Mitchell
The silky veils of ardor (Joni Mitchell) • Joni Mitchell
Sans concession (Lucid Beausonge) • Lucid Beausonge
The wind (Cat Stevens) • Cat Stevens

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